Jeremy Clarkson Calls BMW X1 “Rubbish”

Jeremy Clarkson Calls BMW X1 “Rubbish”
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To call Jeremy Clarkson an automotive gadfly would be incorrect. Quite possibly the most influential automotive journalist in the world, when Clarkson speaks, people listen, and this will not bode well for BMW‘s new X1 crossover.

The new mini-ute from the Bavarian automaker is an important product, but Clarkson was suitably unimpressed, saying its looks reminded him of “a Hyundai that’s been subjected to a thousand years of wind erosion.” The driving experience wasn’t much better, claiming that the diesel engine “…sounds like a dump truck when you start it up…” with a ride that is “much too rigid”.

Whether the X1 is a truly bad car or if this is just another quintessential Clarkson rant remains to be seen (you’ll have to wait for Autoguide’s test drive closer to the launch date.) But considering how much Clarkson liked the not-so-perfect X3, we’re not too surprised that the diminutive Bimmer was given such an abysmal evaluation.

[Source: TimesOnline]