Lingenfelter Chevy LS9 Camaro SS Goes Into the 10s [with video]

Lingenfelter Chevy LS9 Camaro SS Goes Into the 10s [with video]

Last year, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering announced its new Chevy Camaro Engine Packages bragging about major horsepower upgrades while maintaining daily-driving performance. A little less than a year later, Lingenfelter is lighting up the quarter-mile track, putting on a display with their own Chevy Camaro demo vehicle.

This Camaro packs a real punch, sporting a built LS9 supercharged V8 throwing down 855-hp. The motor has been reinforced with JE forged aluminum pistons while the head has been CNC ported with upgrade cams from LPE. At South Georgia Motorsports Park, the Camaro laid down several mid-to-low 10 second passes with a best of 10.36 @ 139.95 mph. This was done with the stock six-speed transmission.

This new generation of American muscle is capturing a whole new audience, with many previously devoted import fanatics looking at the new Chevy Camaro as a great platform to customize. If you need some inspiration, make sure to check out the video of Lingenfelter’s Camaro lighting up the track after the jump.

[Source: Autoblog]

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  • Ryan

    …appears to be a 10.41, not a 10.36, but still amazingly fast

  • jzEllis

    nice, but with 800hp+ I was hoping for high 9’s. maybe when they get it dialed in.

  • Ron Mikelson

    I think wrong driver shiftted to fast amoungst other driver problems. Let me test it! I own a 67 plain jane. And went to the chevy show in 66-67 when I was 10 yrs old said then some day I would own one know I do!