Nissan SE-R R/C Car Drift Video Helps Promote New Sport Package Incentive in Canada [video]

Nissan SE-R R/C Car Drift Video Helps Promote New Sport Package Incentive in Canada [video]

In these trying economic times, companies have searched for new and brilliant ways of marketing and advertising their product to the general public. Let’s face it, many of us are pinching pennies and thinking twice, if not researching twice before making any sort of purchase over $10.00. In addition, with the way the Internet has developed in just the recent years, companies have turned to guerrilla-style marketing techniques, looking towards social networking and media to spread their message virally throughout the world. Nissan’s newest campaign is doing just that. It’s simply brilliant, while also low-budget and highly appealing to any automotive enthusiast.

Nissan Canada’s marketing agency TBWA Toronto has created a new SE-R R/C car drift video, aimed at drumming up interest in a “No Charge Sport Package” for the Sentra SE-R and Sentra SE-R Spec-V.

This Sport Package includes illuminated vanity mirrors, power glass moonroof, Rockford Fosgate 8-speaker audio system with XM Satellite Radio. It’s offered on the 2010 models for no additional cost for a limited time. It’s not the most exciting package, but the fact that Nissan is making a conscious and creative effort to market it to the masses is brilliant. It raises awareness on not just the Nissan brand, but definitely targets the right demographic for the Sentra by hitting the Internet.

If you need any more evidence, check out the video after the jump. If your inner child doesn’t jump out and scream, “This is cool!” then you need to re-check your pulse. Or perhaps you’re just lost on the Internet and have no real interest in cars.

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Official Release:


MISSISSAUGA, ON (April 6, 2010) – Nissan Canada Inc (NCI) today announced a new campaign called the “SE-R Project” which will not only drive new customers to showrooms through innovative marketing, but also encourage them to drive away in a Sentra SE-R or Sentra SE-R Spec-V model by offering a “No Charge Sport Package”.

The Sport Package consists of Illuminated Vanity Mirrors, Power Glass Moonroof, Rockford Fosgate Audio System with 8 speakers and XM™ Satellite Radio and will be offered on the 2010 model year at no additional cost and for a limited time.

“What better way to jump into spring than with a great new sporty car like a Sentra SE-R or Sentra Spec-V,” said Mark McDade, Director, Marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “We’re sure this added-value offer of no-charge extras will give prospective buyers even more reason to get behind the wheel of a Sentra.”

The SE-R Project is a unique campaign which will use a combination of traditional and social marketing to showcase the Sentra SE-R’s great performance features in a very unique way. By using strategic ad placements and social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the campaign is meant to drive consumers to the YouTube Channel and eventually into showrooms.

  • rudeboy

    i owned a 2004 se-r spec v, its sad to see that this is what they have resorted to to advertise a once great car….forget the ridiculous advertising and produce a competitive car….

  • djarmag

    I still own an 03′ Spec-V and I am disappointed how uglier the car looks after 03…and to advertise a car using an R/C car is just demoralizing. Why not just make a good car and make everybody happy??…