Report: BMW Confirms Megacity Electric Car Will Launch in 2013

Report: BMW Confirms Megacity Electric Car Will Launch in 2013

The Ultimate Driving Machine is set to introduce the ultimate commuter vehicle, as BMW announced Wednesday that its new Megacity electric car will launch in 2013. BMW’s Megacity is set to be a revolutionary design, featuring a carbon monocoque chassis (similar to the McLaren F1 supercar), a rear-engine layout and aerodynamic exterior styling with carbon fiber bodypanels.

The light weight, Golf-sized Megacity should get an estimated range of 160 miles from its electric motor, and feature an aggressive regenerative braking system to help maintain battery life in stop and go traffic. BMW is also planning to sell the car complete with a battery pack, unlike other manufacturers, who have frequently voiced concerns that batteries must be leased due to their propensity to wear out  significantly over time.

The Megacity should also help amortize costs of expensive technologies like battery-powered drivetrains and carbon fiber structural elements, enabling them to trickle down to mass-produced models without adding a hefty premium to the MSRP.

[Source: Autocar]


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