Report: Ferrari’s Future May Hold Six New Models, Not Four

Report: Ferrari’s Future May Hold Six New Models, Not Four

Yesterday in Fiat’s 5-year plan it was revealed that Ferrari will introduce four new models in the next three years. But the details of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne’s press conference are apparently open to interpretation. According to AutoCar, it won’t be four new models, but six!

While its true that the product lineup will continue to include four standard models, an Enzo replacement isn’t included in that list as it will only be produced in limited numbers. Reports suggest it will be powered by either a twin-turbo V6 or V8 and use Ferrari’s active aerodynamic technology – as showcased on the 599XX. In addition AutoCar claims that not only is a 458 Spider coming, but also a 458 Scuderia – a more hard core version of the just-launched exotic.

With those models making up three of the six, the remainder will include a new 599 in 2012 and a 612 Scaglietti replacement coming next year. The 612 is also rumored to be the first production Ferrari to get hybrid technology. Finally, in 2013, Ferrari will deliver an updated version of the California.

We’ll be sure to give a details report on the next interpretation of the “facts” from Marchionne’s 5-year plan.

[Source: AutoCar]