Report: Ford Focus RS500 Sells Out in 12 Hours

Report: Ford Focus RS500 Sells Out in 12 Hours

The Ford Focus RS500 debut has been a little interesting, to say the least. Ford had built a new website, teasing the release of the car over several days. They claim however that the website was “hacked” and the official (and enticing) photos of the Ford Focus RS500 were released 48 hours early. Perhaps it was a truly intentional (and brilliant) marketing ploy, but word spread quickly and now it appears the Ford Focus RS500 is already sold out – with a limited run of 500 units – before official pricing has even been announced.

While the Focus wasn’t exactly a hot car on the Stateside, its appeal over in Europe is extraordinary. Claims of the Focus RS selling as a used vehicle for more than its purchase price isn’t unheard of. And with the rarity of the RS500 and its menacing good looks, it’s no surprise that the RS500 already has such great appeal within the UK market, nevermind the rest of Europe. The RS500 also marks the end of the current-gen Ford Focus RS production; so there’s a little bit of a nostalgic factor there.

For those that didn’t keep up with all the “web-hacking” and premature debut of the Focus RS500, the limited-edition vehicle sports 345-hp and 339 ft-lbs of torque, an increase of 45-hp and 14 ft-lbs from a mundane RS. The Matte Black style highlights the exterior with race-inspired red accents on the brake calipers and throughout the interior. And much like Acura’s Integra Type-R, each RS500 sports a numbered plaque on the center console.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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  • Danny Boyle

    Ford is very ignorant to the idea of bringing this vehicle to the U.S., I’m sure I would be one of the first ones in line chomping at the bit for this car.