Report: Honda Planning Larger, More Powerful Hybrid Coupe

Report: Honda Planning Larger, More Powerful Hybrid Coupe

With sales of the Honda CR-Z starting soon in North America, the new hybrid is already far exceeding its sales targets in Japan, which has Honda looking to repeat its success with another model. According to a report by Motor Trend, Honda is working on a larger hybrid coupe that would use a version of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid setup, mated to a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder. That engine is a solid liter larger than the one used in the current CR-Z. The car would be roughly the size of the Accord Coupe.

According to MT’s same source, the car was originally slated to use a V6 hybrid setup but that has no been down-sized. The V6 Hybrid powertrain is still being developed, however, for possible use in larger vehicles like the Honda Odyssey. In addition, Honda’s hybrid development seems to be pushing forward with big advances, with word that the company is currently testing a range-extender powertrain like the one found int he Chevy Volt.

[Source: Motor Trend]


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