Report: Honda Ridgeline – End of the Road in 2011?

Report: Honda Ridgeline – End of the Road in 2011?

Since it’s introduction, Honda’s truck/activity vehicle has often polarized opinion. Car like unibody construction and all independent suspension deliver good on road manners, but the 4WD system and lockable in-bed trunk space have drawn criticism from many quarters, as did the engine’s lack of low end torque. Sales have never really met Honda’s expectations of 50,000 per units a year and in 2009, just 16,464 were sold. It comes as little surprise then that company sources have told that the truck won’t see a second generation.

Although Honda has yet to confirm the rumors, a spokesperson for the company did mention that no significant changes are planned for the Ridgeline through 2011. Based on past experiences with many other vehicles, such a strategy is often reserved for those products living on borrowed time.



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