Report: McLaren Boss Calls Bugatti Veyron “A Complete Piece of Junk”

Report: McLaren Boss Calls Bugatti Veyron “A Complete Piece of Junk”

Ron Dennis, the man in charge of McLaren Automotive, recently slammed the Bugatti Veyron calling it “a complete piece of junk.” McLaren, for those who don’t know, held the record for the world’s fastest production car with the McLaren F1 from 1992 until the launch of the Bugatti Veyron in 2005. The McLaren managed 243-mph in the F1, which was topped by 10 mph by the Veyron. McLaren has also just released a new model, the MP4-12C, which is designed more as a true exotic than an all-out supercar.

Dennis wouldn’t be the first person to attack the looks of the Veyron, calling it “pig ugly,” but his criticism is more than just aesthetic. In an interview with Arabian Business, he said the car “doesn’t go around corners,” and even spoke frankly about an unnamed (cough, Top Gear, cough) BBC program in which the two cars drag raced each other in Abu Dhabi. The shootout had to be rigged says Dennis to make the Veyron look as fast as it does. “We had to do that whole thing about ten times before it [the Veyron] managed to get off the line cleanly and catch us up. Because every time they dropped the clutch it bogged down and we were gone.”

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[Source: ArabianBusiness]

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  • johnrysf

    Finally, someone w/sufficient stones to not only say “ugly”, but the much more heartfelt “pig ugly”. And that someone is one of the most eminently qualified guys in the world to opine thusly. Given the stellar cars of McClaren, and the exquisite engineering that produces them, Mr. Dennis is probably one of the top 3 guys.

    Every time I see a Veyron pic, I think “boy, that’s ugly – not a pleasant line to be seen, but I guess it’s necessary, as form follows function”. If I’m giving it any sort of real thought, I then think “well, it must all be necessary to allow it to go so fast”. But then I hear a little voice saying “Agera R” and “Hennessey Venom GT” and “SSC Ultimate Aero”, and…it’s so hard to keep up. (Note 1)

    And then it hits me again: “Wow, that IS ugly”. Anyone else ready to pile on? Anyone?

    Note 1: I just searched for you. Today the winner IS the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – 268 mph.