Report: New Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 To Debut In 2012, Targeting BMW X5 M Performance

Report: New Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 To Debut In 2012, Targeting BMW X5 M Performance

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is a vehicle commonly driven by backwards-hat types, who like to blast loud music and cut you off indiscriminately, as well as ostentatious chairmen of multinational corporations. With a new Grand Cherokee premiering in 2011, a void will be left in the lineup for those who aspire to the heights of a Mercedes-Benz ML63 or BMW X5M, but can’t afford the fairly steep price tag.

Enter the 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8, which is expected to come with a new 6.4L Hemi V8 putting out an estimated 525-horsepower, and rides on a rumored air-suspension platform. According to a report by Car & Driver, Jeep is attempting to best the X5M’s performance figures, which means a 0-60 time of 4.0 seconds or less. While its the owner’s prerogative to buy a car like this, we can’t help but ask “why?”

[Source: Car and Driver]

  • BQ

    They said the same exact thing in 2006 when the GCSRT8 was released! Get a new line would ya?
    If the Bavarian Motor Group, Porsche and Mercedes are doing it, ask them? I’m sure they’ll have a good answer!

  • Harrison

    Where do you get off stereotyping the owners of our Jeep? Backwards hat types? What the hell is that? Of all the owners I know of, it’s it plenty, none of us are backwards hat types. You must be thinking of 1996 Civic and Intergra owners buddy with loud fart can exhaust systems, not us. There aren’t many BHT(backward hat types) that spend $40-50K on a ride. Of all the different cars I’ve owned, and forums I’ve been on, the Jeep SRT8 owners are by far the best group of people I’ve met. Get off your high horse and grow up. It’s a fantastic ride. We buy these vehicles b/c they’re fast and fun as hell to own. Why buy a Toyota Camry? They’re boring. Why buy a R63? They’re ugly as balls. People buy the car they buy b/c they LOVE them. If we didn’t like them, we wouldn’t buy them. I love pulling up to a Vette and blow his doors off, in my JEEP! Granted I run 12.3’s. If a fact of owning something that isn’t supposed to be fast and someone wouldn’t expect it to be fast, and give someone an everloving beatdown. THAT’S why we own Jeep SRT8’s!!!

  • JohnnyZ

    Ok, If I’m mistaken I apologize. Isn’t Car & Driver an American magazine? Way to go blasting an American vehicle. Did any of you fools even drive the SRT8? Have you ever seen an owner of one driving one? If you saw me you would not see a “backwards hat wearing type” and I would not be blasting loud music. I would probably be wearing a Hugo Boss suit or other very nice clothes. And don’t show your ignorance by stating we like to cut off everyone indiscriminately. Point of fact, it’s the types in the souped up lawnmowers (cobalt’s, focuses, Mitsubishis)
    that prefer to cut us off because they know they have no chance against us. I’ve owned Corvettes, BMW’s, Mercedes, and the SRT is the best and most fun vehicle by far. After the mods I made to mine, it’s basically a Viper with storage space. So go get your BMW X5M and be prepared to have it in the shop every 2 months, which was my experience.
    Or your ML63 which my girlfriend spent more time having it fixed than driving it. How bout putting the bias aside. I know its difficult being a journalist who is supposed to be objective when reviewing vehicles instead of heaping insults on the owners of these vehicles. They are amazing rides and I cant wait to get in mine every day and hunt for the next sucker in a mustang or vette and embarrass him.
    ^^^ Nice post Harrison, absolutely correct about everyone on the cherokee SRT8 forum, they are all willing to help out with advice or point us to who would have the correct advice if they dont know.
    So to Car & Driver, why not just call the SRT8 a niche product with amazing performance and a very loyal fan base and leave it at that?

  • kim

    As a previous owner of an x5 as well as a 745, and current owner of a volvo xc90 and Jeep SRT8, I’ll tell you this, I love it. And screw you if you don’t like it. And if I’m a backwards hat wearing type in an SRT, then I’m a backwards hat wearing type in an x5, xc90, 745.. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have power/performance. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little room. Only a damned fool wouldnt take the whole package. Wear the shoe if it fits. And for the price of an ML63 I was able to get an xc90 and an SRT. I guess you wouldnt want any of the fore mentioned qualities. Bye the way, here is your shoe!

  • F-22 RAPTOR

    First, I have yet to see any owner wear their hat backwards and we for the majority are not obnoxious stuck individuals(X5 and Mercedes owners). We are hardworking individuals who range from doctors,lawyers, military and common blue collar workers. We just happen to love our rides and our forum is one of the best I have been associated. So to our your haters “Kick Rocks”

  • DaveRoss

    Backwards hat wearing , radio blasting?
    Yeah I rock a hat backwards but I don’t blast the radio…my corsa sounds too nice

    Would you like me to turn my hat around so you don’t feel so bad when I wax a vehicle with a 2.5 ton suv?

  • T

    I don’t think they meant all of us are backwards hat wearing kind of people. I think the point was that there is a wide range of people who drive and enjoy the Jeep SRT8. If you continue to read the sentence they go on to say “as well as ostentatious chairmen of multinational corporations”. Maybe they should have worded it differently. 🙂

  • Frank Black

    So, this is where the GMC Typhoon crown went! Well, I can’t keep hoping that GM will make a Typhoon 2, and my 93 is getting a little long in the tooth. Better start saving some shekels. Sad ;^(… Gonna miss that blown 4.2. What’s this thing gonna run coin wise anyways?

  • FreddyG

    Just like you Guys (and Gals if applicable) don’t want to be stereotyped, you should not be throwing stones at X5 owners. You should show the same respect that you’d like (F22 Raptor)!

    I like the SRT8’s and if they come out with the one that they describe above (air ride and a nicely powered hemi), I’ll think about trading my X5 4.8i for one.

    The author of this article was wrong in stereotyping the SRT8 owners, but then so were some of you wrong for calling all X5 owners snobs!

    Rant off! Peace!

  • Sweet

    One wonders if this website was hacked and that first sentence added in bold to get a rise out of you. Anyway… biturbo 2012 ML63 is IMHO the sweet spot (if you are looking for a balance between price, performance and luxury/prestige) … nothing wrong with the Jeep – had an SRT for 2 years … it just lacks a little refinement but goes like snot. BMW are overated and cayennes are overpriced.

  • joe

    While its the owner’s prerogative to buy a car like this, we can’t help but ask “why?”

    Simply put, “because we can and we want too”.

    I also have to disagree with the comment “aspire to the heights of a Mercedes-Benz ML63 or BMW X5M, but can’t afford the fairly steep price”. Well I am sure if you asked those who purchased a SRT8 if they would have changed their mind and put that money down on a MB or BMW, I would say they wouldnt. Dont believe me? Check the SRT8 sales figures for 4 years. Seems that DC has done something right by having the SRT Team create for both Dodge and Crysler, but then again, I guess since we all wear our hats backwards and blast music, those figures dont mean anything

  • Ben

    As a proud (former)owner of a 2007 GC SRT8, I can tell you it was a thrill to drive. I also had a 2007 911 Turbo at the time and drove the Jeep more often. My kids loved that truck which I only sold because I was putting so many miles on it the warranty was running out. But during that time I beat every vehicle on the road that ‘tried’ me. I could have owned any car out there (did, with the Turbo 911) and I chose the SRT8 over the Porsche SUV Turbo S edition ($179,000) which couldn’t beat the SRT8 0-60!!!
    I’m waiting for the 2012 to come out and I’ll be the ostentatious executive with the most badass SUV out there!