Report: Next-Gen Mazda RX-7 To Get Gasoline, Diesel Capabilities

Report: Next-Gen Mazda RX-7 To Get Gasoline, Diesel Capabilities

Mazda‘s last attempt at their RX-7 rotary sports car was a brilliant but deeply flawed effort. Performance and styling were top notch, but reliability issues and a high price tag meant that the car lasted less than five years in North America. The RX-8 that replaced it was a fine car in its own right, but the tame four-seater has forever lived in the shadow of its two-seater predecessor.

Motor Trend is reporting that the RX-7 is due for a revival, and while the performance capabilities will stay intact, the new car will be able to run on gas or diesel. While the rest of the automotive world abandoned the rotary engine long ago, Mazda has stood by the technology, and prototypes of the latest incarnation, dubbed the 16x, have apparently been able to use any number of fuels, even castor oil. Mazda is still refining a number of areas that previous rotaries have struggled with, including oil consumption and a lack of top-end power.

With the RX-8 growing long in the tooth, the new RX-7 should be a welcome replacement for the aging sports car, and a flagship for Mazda’s sporty line-up.

[Source: MotorTrend]

  • Allen

    A lack of top-end power is not the problem, it was the low end torque! Wow! Maybe Motor Trend needs to learn how to test cars again.
    When the third gen RX7 came out it could best 911’s.
    Also shame on you Auto Guide, for not stealing a better article. You sayed “the car lasted less than five years”. LOL!