Report: Next-Gen Range Rover to Drop Almost 1,000 Lbs

Report: Next-Gen Range Rover to Drop Almost 1,000 Lbs

The next generation Range Rover is due out in 2012 and according to a new report by AutoCar, it will be drastically different – although it might not necessarily look that way. The biggest change planned is that the fully-capable luxury SUV will ride on an all new platform similar to that used for the new XJ. It will be all aluminum, which, when combined with the use of composite body panels, will cut close to 992 lbs (450 kg) from the overall mass of the vehicle.

Size-wise, the next Range Rover will be roughly one-inch longer than the current model, but also feature a lower roofline. This should help reduce aerodynamic drag, as well as give the big SUV a less boxy look.

Two diesel engines are expected to be offered initially, with gasoline versions set to follow. A 300-hp diesel V8 should get roughly 30-mpg (E.U. cycle), while a 260-hp diesel V6 should get closer to 40 mpg (E.U. cycle). Land Rover is also expected to introduce new 8-speed automatic transmissions across its lineup, which will work with the lower body weight and reduced drag to achieve impressive new fuel economy numbers. A diesel hybrid version is reportedly also in the works.

The next-generation Range Rover is due out in the Fall of 2012, as a 2013 model.

[Source: AutoCar]