Report: Next Generation Nissan Titan Could Get a Diesel Engine

Report: Next Generation Nissan Titan Could Get a Diesel Engine

Nissan’s next generation of Titan pickup trucks could get a diesel option, says Nissan North America product boss Larry Dominique. In a recent interview with the folks at AutoWeek, Dominique, former project boss for the original Titan, commented that no decision has been made about the future powerplants, but that they are still considering several options. “I have a broad menu I can look at,” he said. “We could do downsized powertrains, we could do an enhanced V8, and we could look at diesel powertrains.”

Currently the Titan is only available with the company’s 5.6-liter gasoline V8. A new Titan, built with Chrysler was scheduled to debut in 2011, but with Nissan and Chrysler since parting ways the next version isn’t likely until at least 2013.

Nissan does offer a 3.0-liter diesel V6 overseas in vehicles like the Pathfinder. It makes sufficient torque with 406 ft-lbs, but at just 235-hp its probably not up to what U.S. customers would expect.

With Renault/Nissan’s recent announcement of a partnership with Mercedes parent company Daimler, there is now also the possibility that a donor engine could come from Germany. Dominique himself commented that one of the biggest factors towards offering a diesel Titan in North America would be, “if we could find the right partner and the right engine.”

[Source: AutoWeek]

  • Luis Garcia

    Do not put that piece of shit hemi engine or transmission in it, They are worthless. I think that the cummins engine with an allison transmission is a good idea.

  • Layne Sase

    I do not think the hemi is a piece of sh*&, however I do think a smaller cumming turbo diesel, allison transmission and a facelift will definetly make all half ton prospective puchasers gravitate toward nissan or at least spike their interest. It would be perfect for the homeowner who wants a pick-up for weekend jobs and great fuel economy.

  • Mike Fulmonty

    from what i follow…the biggest problem with the dodge hemi is the paint job (rust bleeding through) having owned 11 “Chrysler” products they all have their pros and cons. there is no perfect vehicle. i keep vehicles for over 5 years. ford i liked. dakotas i liked. gm always in for repair. my 2006 titan since new has been the least expensive to maintain.(spent the difference on fuel though) we’ve had garbage passat from germany and garbage mazda 3 from japan. titan motors and chassis from US and assembled US….some repairs, but least. looking forward to better fuel economy from any 1/2 ton. titan being the most “thirsty”. titan will have to prove itself there as well. cumins excellent choice of diesel buyers. i know i’ll be watching and listening. allison transmission talked about but again will have to prove itself. will definitely not buy introduction year! mike.