Report: Toyota FT-86 to Cost More Than Originally Planned

Report: Toyota FT-86 to Cost More Than Originally Planned

Toyota‘s highly anticipated FT-86 sports car might not be as affordable as company representatives initially expected. According to a report by AutoCar, development costs for the 4-cylinder sports car are likely to drive up its MSRP – taking away part of the little coupe’s appeal.

When the it was originally shown in Tokyo a company representative told AutoCar that they were aiming for an entry-level price of £13,000 (roughly $20,000). Now the FT could be as much as £15,000 (or $23,000). Apparently much of the cost increase is due to making the car’s Subaru-sourced boxer engine more fuel efficient.

No doubt related to the increased price, Toyota will now also reportedly market the FT-86 to older buyers than originally planned. Initially the FT-86 was to be targeted at 30-year-olds but market research on Toyota’s part has shown that this demographic wasn’t as interested in the vehicle as first though. Instead, Toyota will now look to the 40-year-old group to make up the bulk of sales.

Funny, and we thought a $20,000 sport coupe would be ideal for the 20 to 30 crowd.

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[Source: AutoCar]

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  • user

    Ohhhh….big deal…it only went up 3K, its still got appeal! I would pay the extra 3K for a better fuel efficient car…

  • Calam

    fuel effecient… u $3000 over the long run?

  • man

    I’m positive you could haggle with your Toyota dealership to give you the car for well under $23,000. If MSRP is near $25,000, the invoice will be near $22,000. And since Toyota is a volume seller (my Toyota dealership has a huge parking structure filled with cars they need to sell) you could easily get the car for $1,000 or $2,000 under the invoice = near $21,000. Plus tax, registration (and whatever else), the final price would be near $23,000 (including EVERYTHING).

    Good deal, to me. I’d buy a few of them in a heartbeat 😉