Report: Volkswagen Considering Rear-Drive Touareg

Report: Volkswagen Considering Rear-Drive Touareg

Volkswagen may be looking to offer a rear-drive version of the Touareg SUV. This news comes from a report by French publication L’Automobile, citing an unnamed member of the Touareg engineering team and comes not long after the world premiere at the Geneva Auto Show.

The reason for the two-wheel drive option would he to improve fuel economy, both through reducing the number of wheels being powered, as well as cutting weight from the vehicle. Not only that, a two-wheel drive Touareg would also be less expensive – something that would no-doubt help sales of the SUV in a segment that continues to shrink as most automakers switch to crossovers.

What’s particularly interesting, however, is the rear-drive option, with most SUVs and crossovers offering AWD or FWD layouts – the front-drive setup delivering superior poor-weather traction (to RWD) and better fuel economy.

[Source: L’Automobile]


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