Subaru Introduces EyeSight Camera-Based Driver Assist Technology

Subaru Introduces EyeSight Camera-Based Driver Assist Technology

Looks like cars of the future will have cameras everywhere. Subaru has just announced EyeSight, a camera-based driver assist option not unlike Volvo City Safety.

It works in conjunction with Subaru’s new “pre-collision braking control” system — if the cameras detect an object or person in danger of being mowed down, an alarm will sound to warn the driver. If the driver is an idiot and does nothing, the car will try to stop itself. If the speed difference is below 18.5 mph, the car can stop itself — any faster and the braking system will try to reduce the force of the impact.

We suppose that’s the cool tech. The less-than-flashy technology Subaru also introduced is brake assist, which provides additional boost for the braking system in a panic stop. It’ll be available in Japan next month, and we’ll likely see it in North America on the first refresh of the Legacy / Outback twins.


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