Win a Tour of Jay Leno’s Garage!

Win a Tour of Jay Leno’s Garage!

The 2010 Ault Park Concours d’Elegance has teamed up with Jay Leno for a one of a kind raffle, with the winner walking away with a VIP tour for four of the Tonight Show host’s famous Big Dog garage.

Just in case a private tour of Leno’s massive collection of historic and modern cars and motorbikes isn’t enough to satisfy your motoring appetite, the contest winner will also receive tickets to the Tonight Show, exclusive access to The Nethercutt Museum and Collection, a tour with the director of The Petersen Automotive Museum and access to the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum.

Each raffle ticket costs $100, with all proceeds going towards the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance. Talk about our kind of fund raiser! You’d better act fast if you want in on this unique car-guy opportunity though, because just 210 tickets remain. To buy yours, click here.


  • Marylee Balzer

    I am trying to get a message to Jay as I heard him last night tell about the car magazines he had since the 8th grade. My husband died last year and I have a large collection of Road and Track and Programs from races that he has saved and do not want to through them away. Thought he might like more. I am also aware that he wanted to buy the 427 red Cobra (#198) and was wondering if he had the opportunity to aquired it as the owner has died from a plane accident a few years ago. I also have a 1957 Morgan +4 that has about 40 hours to have a complete frame up restoration. I know Jay has a Morgan but this is beautiful and we have owned it since 1959. This may have been a waste of my time but I tried as I think Jay would be interested in some of the things I have. I also have a framed Formula 1 picture signed by Nigel Mansell. I know his collection is beatiful and I would love to have some of my husband’s things in a place like his. My husband was Norman Balzer
    Thank you and help you can be will be appreciated
    Marylee Balzer