Worst Parking Job Ever Nets $500 Fine and Driving Ban

Worst Parking Job Ever Nets $500 Fine and Driving Ban

One of the most famous YouTube videos in the last year has got to be the “Worst parking job ever,” a clip ran by news channel CP24 after a BMW X5 drove over two parked cars at a Newmarket, Ontario gym.

We weren’t sure an X5 could drive over anything, until 62-year-old Tripta Kaushal showed us how it’s done —thanks to hidden camera surveillance footage.

Thankfully, the police caught up to her, and after pleading guilty was given a small $500 fine, ordered to pay restitution to the two victims, six months probation, and banned from driving between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

We’ve embedded the original clip after the jump, as well as Hyundai Canada’s response — see, the blue car is an Elantra GT, and the owner of that wrecked car was given a brand new Elantra Touring in the aftermath.

Sweet deal, and we may just hire Kaushal to run Dakar for us next year…

See after the jump for the original video:

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