2011 Honda Accord CrossTour to Get Improved Fuel Economy

2011 Honda Accord CrossTour to Get Improved Fuel Economy

When we reviewed Honda‘s new Accord Crosstour model, one of our few gripes was in the fuel economy department. Rated at 18/27 mpg (FWD), its not bad, but the lack of a six-speed transmission makes getting the most out of each gallon a bit hard. 

Honda appears to be ready to announce the addition of a six-speed auto-box for the 2011 model year car, which will go on sale before the end of the year. This is well-ahead of a mid-cycle update, which should take place in the 2013 model year. The new transmission will likely deliver a slight improvement in city fuel economy and as much as 2 mpg out on the highway, making the CrossTour more competitive with the Toyota Venza when it comes to fuel economy.

Honda still has yet to announce any plans on if the CrossTour will be offered with a 4-cylinder.

[Source: TOV]

  • gordon anderson

    Will the 2011 crosstour have a 6 speed?

  • Lee

    six speed sounds great but is this a standered accross the board of the vehicle or is honda going to pull its move of only a select few models, and that being said anyword on diffrent cosmetic changes like trim on the interior and maybe power liftgates or turn signal mirrors? another question will the six speed be the one Acura/Honda uses in the ZDX wich is the crosstours luxury platform? Be nice to have a little sport feel to the vehicle

  • mike specchio

    I wouldn’t consider one without a power liftgate

  • AgentGG

    Also *extremely* disappointed that a power liftgate is not offered, even as an option. The power liftgate is a feature one uses on a daily basis and is a great convenience in many situations. It’s not just an added luxury. To get this feature, one must buy the Acura MDX for over $10k more! Is this how supply and demand works?

  • Nazar Serednytsky

    Six speed is needed, but no power liftgate a “big disappointment”……
    this car does not come handycap equiped from the factory. Hit the gym!