All-Electric Fiat 500 EV by Atomik Cars

All-Electric Fiat 500 EV by Atomik Cars
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What’s faster, greener, has more traction, and cheaper to run than a “normal” Fiat 500 Abarth? Well, the title of this post and photo have given away the answer.

What does Atomik Cars do for you that Fiat doesn’t? First, they install some lithium ion batteries into the cuter-than-Hello Kitty Fiat 500. Then they install two electric motors, with direct drive to each wheel — making it all-wheel-drive. To top it off? Full carbon fiber bodywork. Oh yes. Zero to 60 is gone in 5.6 seconds, and top speed is just above 110 mph.

The body kit is cool, but we’d buy it only for its retro-look alloy wheels.

Price? How much do you think a limited-run (only 50 will be made) hand built all-electric carbon fiber car goes for these days? In a word: more money than would fit inside the 500.