Arden Reveals Renderings of 2010 Range Rover Sport AR5

Arden Reveals Renderings of 2010 Range Rover Sport AR5

Arden has been a long time tuner of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, dating all the way back to 1976. They’ve done some radical things with Range Rover Sports in the past, including wing doors that are reminiscent of Lamborghini’s vertical doors. Their choice of styling is a nice blend of subtle, yet aggressive – really complementing the natural lines of the luxury vehicles from Jaguar and Land Rover while lending a nicer, sportier look.

While these are just rendering of the company’s new 2010 Range Rover Sport AR5 package, Arden plans on revealing the real deal at Tuning World Bodensee in mid-May of 2010. What we can gather from the rendering though is a typical Arden tuning program consisting of a new front fascia, side skirts, and rear bumper. The ever-popular LEDs also finds its way onto the package along with carbon fiber mirror accents. It looks like a set of 22-inch Dakar II alloy wheels will be the ones fitting this package, though we’re sure any of their wheels available will be built to fit the 2010 Range Rover Sport.

Like most German tuning programs, we can also expect interior upgrades and some minor performance enhancements. Rumor has it that Arden will be targeting a modified ECU, VMax chip and upgraded brakes. We’ll be sure to report more on the real debut in the coming weeks and can’t wait to see what performance updates Arden has planned for the new 5.0-liter V8!

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