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 |  May 24 2010, 3:31 PM


A favorite past time of computer literate car fans is to log on to automotive-related internet forums and criticize the decisions of auto industry types with decades of experience in the field. Everything from marketing campaigns to product choices are questioned, and while this right may be a cornerstone of our free society, often the blather is idiotic and myopic, and the commenter wouldn’t last a day running a real car company.

Now, Fiat is letting you, the customer, make a very small marketing related decision, by letting Facebook users vote on possible emblems (or “branding” as its nauseatingly called by some types) for the upcoming 500 compact car.  There’s no assurance that Fiat will actually choose the one that’s got the most votes, but if you close your eyes and wish really hard, you might just become Sergio Marchionne…

Fiat 500 Owners Board

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Gerard Guarneri

    I hope I can get one with a manual transmission, not an automatic. I hope it will get at least 50 mpg, and it continues to look as cute as it does now once it get here. Hope it is not ruined by “Americanizing” it too much. Don’t need anything fancy, just the basics, and maybe air conditioning. Heck, I don’t mind rolling up the windows, but power rear view mirrors would be nice!