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 |  May 27 2010, 5:20 PM

On the second song of their seminal album “London Calling”, The Clash famously sang “My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac.” For Amanda McBride and Joseph Brooks, a more appropriate lyric might be “my baby was born in a brand new Cobalt.”

The Minnesota couple were on their way to the hospital in McBride’s 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt, with McBride in labor, when she decided she wasn’t going to make it in time. McBride was able to miraculously give birth while behind the wheel, with Brooks steering at the car on cruise control at 70 mph.

The episode caught the attention of GM, who generously donated two child  seats, a stroller as well as  other miscellaneous supplies like bottles, formula and toys. A year’s supply of diapers is also included as part of GM’s donation. All three are in good spirits after the incident, with baby Joseph in good health.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Chad

    Good show, GM! Now this is a feel-good story to be proud of and re-post for friends. A year’s supply of diaper, that is hundreds of dollars saved right there for the family.

  • natalya

    That’s not that much money, they make such a huge deal of out it. They should of given them new Cobalt or something even better.
    Good way to advertise, cheap also.