BMW 1 Series Lineup to Include Gran Turismo, MPV Models

BMW 1 Series Lineup to Include Gran Turismo, MPV Models

We’ve heard a great deal about new 1 Series models from BMW lately, but according to a new report the German automaker has will launch even more variants of its compact model in the coming years. New to the list are a Gran Turismo model, as well an MPV.

According to Automobile Magazine both models will be based on the upcoming 1 Series front-drive architecture, which will also be adaptable for AWD setups. The FWD/AWD 1 Series architecture will first launch with 3-door and 5-door hatchback models (available in Europe), with the 1 Series GT joining the lineup later on, as well as the MPV. Referred to as a Compact Activity Tourer (CAT) by Automobile, this MPV will feature  higher roof, a longer rear overhang for added cargo (like the MINI Clubman), an flexible seat setup and traditional hinged doors (rather than sliding ones). The model may also be called the Family Activity Vehicle (FAV), or the SportsCruiser.

All the front-drive and AWD models will share their architecture with the third-generation new MINI lineup. In addition, the front-drive BMW 1 Series, including the GT and MPV are likely to get the same range of turbocharged 3-cylinder engines planned for the next-generation MINI models.

[Source: Automobile]

The 1-series GT and CAT would be part of the FWD/AWD components set, as would the future three- and five-door hatchbacks. They – and their Mini cousins – are likely to introduce a new family of three-cylinder engines. The threes are, naturally, lighter and more compact than four-cylinders, and use about 10 percent less fuel. The gasoline version, dubbed N30, comes in displacements of 1.2 and 1.5 liters with power output of ranging from 70 to 184 hp. The diesel variant, labeled N37, at 1.5 liters is good for 110 to 125 hp.