BMW Releases New Pictures Of Concept Gran Coupe, Sparking Rumors Of 8-Series Return

BMW Releases New Pictures Of Concept Gran Coupe, Sparking Rumors Of 8-Series Return

BMW has released new images of the Concept Gran Coupe in its development stages, sparking speculation over whether the vehicle will return as the reincarnation of the famous 8-series luxury coupe.

With a whole new segment of luxurious, 4-door coupes opening up, BMW is eager to get a slice of the action and take on rivals like the Mercedes-Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte and the upcoming Audi A7. The 8-Series would share a platform with the 5-Series and 7-Series, as well as the familiar lineup of six and eight cylinder engines. British magazine Autocar also reports that the car will set the course for BMW’s future styling direction, as marks an evolution from the radical “Bangle era” into a design language that features long, low and wide proportions,  short overhangs and frameless doors.

Gallery: BMW Gran Coupe Development Photos


[Source: Autocar]

  • Brian Driggs

    Interesting. Can’t say I’m a fan yet. I love, love, love the Aston Martin Rapide, but the Porsche Panamera conjures images of 911s and Cayennes getting drunk at a family ruinion and fornicating. Do not want. Is this a segment in which the likes of BMW and Mercedes can dominate? Likely, but it sort of makes my skin crawl.

    Where the original 8er was a low, sleek, flagship offering, it was not a 2 door 7-series. To be sure, it was an elegant grand tourer and, even in my dare-I-say-it purist eyes, completely makes sense *on paper* as an 8-series, but I hope they reserve the 8er designation for something that’s more 760 drivetrain in 6er-sized chassis than Panamera Johnny-come-lately.

    At the mention of BMW 8-series, two images come screaming out of the fog of my long term memory. The first is a black 850 parked off a dirt road in the countryside south of Heidelberg with an empty horse trailer hitched to its rear, the second is a picture of a never-produced, would-be red M8, complete with plexiglass windows.

    The 8er seemed to promise truly grand grand touring for two. To me, this Gran Coupe promises fat 7-series with half the doors. It’s not the same thing. Ah well. At least they’re not reskinning a Nissan Cube as a Junger Schwan, right?