Buick Sales Up, Average Age Of Buyers Down

Buick Sales Up, Average Age Of Buyers Down

Riding a wave of hot products and renewed interest in the brand, Buick has seen sales surge since the start of 2010, with the average age of a Buick buyer dropping slightly.

“Finally not every customer who comes into the showroom is using a walker or a cane,” said Ron Charron, COO of Boulevard Buick, told the Los Angeles Times. Buick sales in California are up 336 percent this quarter, while up 50 percent nationwide. Sales of the Lacrosse sedan and Enclave crossover are driving the resurgence, and the upcoming Regal sports sedan is expected to add another choice for buyers who are wary of driving a larger car, long a stereotype of Buick products. The average age of a Buick buyer has fallen from 64 to 61, but archrival Lexus attracts a customer that is in their early 50s, something Buick must do or else its customer base will literally die off.

While brands like Pontiac and Oldsmobile have been axed over the years, Buick has been able to survive due to its immense popularity in China, the world’s largest car market. Chinese rulers drove Buicks in the pre-Communist era, and the brand enjoys a significant amount of prestige not afforded to it in North America.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

  • john787

    If the Buick sales have increased by 90% and the age group who buy them only decreased only slightly, look at the potential of Buick’s sales for in the future!!