Couples Counselling Won’t Help When the Honeymoon is Over With Your Car

Couples Counselling Won’t Help When the Honeymoon is Over With Your Car

Ladies, when did you first realize when the honeymoon was over? Was it the day your husband asked you to pull his finger for the 100th time? Was it when you didn’t shave your legs for a week and he didn’t even notice? That loving feeling doesn’t last forever, but here’s a surprising fact – the honeymoon period you have with your car may last longer than the one you share with your spouse. recently conducted an eyebrow-raising poll where they asked about 2,500 men and women how long they loved their car and when they came to the realization the car honeymoon was over. The magic was gone for men in about four months. That’s when they started to park close to other cars (33 percent of those polled) and put their sports equipment in the backseat (22 percent).

Women, on the other hand, looked at their cars with starry eyes for an average of 14 months – more than 3 times longer then the men. But when the shine started to wear off of the relationship, women let their spouse drive their car (39 percent) and starting to car pool other kids (24 percent) for the first time.

Worried out the passion fading from you and your car’s partnership? See after the jump for more signs that the honeymoon is over:



Parks around other cars (33%) Starts transporting sports equipment (22%) Less frequent car cleaning (17%) High-payment starts to bother them (12%) Stops using gas mileage button (7%) No more fights over who drives during long trips (3%) Other (6%)


Lets spouse finally drive car (39%) Starts car-pooling other kids (24%) Started eating in car (12%) Puts makeup on while driving (9%) Leaves clothes in car (6%) Starts smoking in car (2%) Other (8%)