Crash at the Nurburgring and it Could Set You Back $5,300 in Track Repairs

Crash at the Nurburgring and it Could Set You Back $5,300 in Track Repairs

You really don’t want to crash at the Nürburgring. Seems like a pretty obvious statement, right? Well it is, but not necessarily for the reasons you may be thinking. The ‘Ring may be one of the most feared racetracks in the world, with its 13+ miles of twists, turns and elevation changes, but the most frightening part of lapping the most famous course on Earth is the potential damage bill if you hit the wall. Forget fixing your car, that comes second to repairing the Armco barriers you’ve just dented. How big can that bill get? Hit the jump to find out.

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As the owner of this Astra VXR discovered, it can be gigantic. Here’s the summary of expenses:

• Base fee for attendance of armco truck: €150 • Removing damaged armco: €10/metre (x2 or x3 or x4 for multiple-height sections) • Replacement armco: €31/metre (x2 or x3 for double/triple height) • Removing damaged armco posts: €5.10 each • Replacing armco post: €39 each • Safety car attendance: €82 per 30 mins (car + 2 people) • Circuit closure: €1,350 per hour • Recovery truck: €190 (inc VAT) • Hospital stay & air ambulance: Let’s just say, do NOT go there without travel insurance! (Though a European Health Card – which replaced the E111 – may cover the hospital bit.) Everything except the recovery truck is then subject to 19% VAT.

What’s all this mean? The Astra’s driver was out an astonishing $5,300, before the air ambulance flight and fixing/replacing his car. Maybe we’ll just stick to Playstation.

[Source: Jalopnik]

[Photo: Ron Gruter]