Demand For Honda Light Trucks Is Strong

Demand For Honda Light Trucks Is Strong

Demand for Honda’s light trucks, like the CR-V, Pilot and Ridgeline, with the company posting a 33% sales increase for light trucks compared to 2009.

High demand and lower inventory levels mean that Honda has been able to stave off the barrage of incentives that rival Toyota has been promoting, due to a series of recent quality problems with their staple products like the Camry. Honda executive Vice President John Mendel warned dealers not to get overconfident despite a sharp rebound in sales last month.

“We’re saying don’t compare yourself to the last day you felt good, which was last year.,” Mendel said. “Try to compare yourself to where you were in April, May of 2007, 2006, and try to focus on that in terms of, if you’re coming back, where should you be.”

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Stephanie

    That might be a truck, but a CR-V is not a truck. It’s not big enough, no box-on-frame, and certainly not traditional 4WD.