Design Q Gives Range Rovers Wings, Plus Other “Desirable” Features

Design Q Gives Range Rovers Wings, Plus Other “Desirable” Features

The whole term of VIP has really progressed over the last few decades. When it comes to automotive, there’s an entire VIP trend that outfits cars with a low-to-the-ground ride height and wildly aggressive wheels that poke beyond the fenders. This style, extremely popular in Japan, normally sees outfitted black vehicles with dark tint and even embroidered shades to conceal what’s inside.

But hey, if you’re out in the Middle East, VIP isn’t low to the ground or with privacy. VIP in the Middle East is taking a Range Rover and giving it wings, without the Red Bull. Design Q, a firm based in England, has done quite possibly the most outlandish luxury embellishment to a vehicle to date.

Let’s start with the elevated roof that extends the rear-seat space in addition to allowing the ridiculously absurd step-through door. The interior has been thoroughly up-ended with larger reclining seats, a drink chiller, cigar humidor, mini-spa center and (we quote) “many other highly desirable features”. We’re not too sure how many of those features listed above are highly desirable in any vehicle, save maybe the drink chiller. The idea behind Design Q’s stretched Range Rover is to allow VIPs to feel the same comforts in their vehicle as they do in their private jet. We can hardly sympathize with those that aren’t content with a standard run-of-the-mill Range Rover.

At the end of the day though, who are we to judge? Our definition of VIP is to have a charging station and a nice WiFi signal wherever we go. Or hey, we’ll just take one of those new fancy, schmancy iPads in our car. That’s probably one of those “many other highly desirable features.”

[Source: Design Q]

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    Is there a chance that the new diesel engine will be for the rr sport swell? What about stronger engines for the evaque?