DMC Lamborghini Murcielago Quattro Veloce Gets White Carbon Fiber Wheels

DMC Lamborghini Murcielago Quattro Veloce Gets White Carbon Fiber Wheels

Ever heard of DMC? Neither have we, but the tuner of high-priced exotics has just released a styling kit for the ever-popular Lamborghini Murciélago and has named it, Quattro Veloce.

Starting with the aesthetics, the body is refitted with lightweight carbon fiber which includes a carbon fiber spoiler, hood, side vents and rear diffuser. Then it’s almost impossible to miss the white carbon fiber wheels, a world’s first. Given that carbon fiber has just recently shown up on wheels, it’s no surprise that color variants are on the horizon.

On the inside, DMC went the luxurious route of ostrich hide for re-upholstering the headrests, while various areas of the cabin receives ostrich-style cow hide for durability.

The car continues to be powered by the factory 6.5L V12, pumping out 670 adrenaline-inducing horsepower with over 485 ft-lbs of torque. DMC tosses in a custom red carbon fiber cage surrounding the heart of the bull.

So you have to be asking, what’s the price tag on this premium luxury kit? Well for starters, there is going to be a very strict limited edition of 40. And you better believe when DMC says 40, they absolutely mean 40. For close to $75,000 you will have the kit installed by DMC themselves, transporting your car to and from Dusseldorf. If you want the leather overhaul, carbon fiber seats and wheels, be prepared to fork over $124,000 or so. Forgo the installation by DMC themselves and save yourself $25,000.

Lining up yet?

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[Source: JamesList Blog]