Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge Spotted

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge Spotted

The Ferrari 458 Italia has been spied in what appears to be full “Challenge” getup. For years, Ferrari has run the 355, 360 and 430 Challenge, a race series for wealthy playboys enthusiasts who want to arrive at the track, drive a fully prepped Ferrari race car, and let others take care of the oily bits.

The 458 seems like a naturally successor, and the single-lug wheels, rollcage, single racing bucket seat, lexan windows and revised aero bits suggest that this car is not suited for street duty, but as a new Challenge car being prepped for a series featuring the 458 Italia. Don’t think that would stop any of us from slapping some temporary tags on one and going for a blast down our favorite road (or tunnel).

[Source: Axis of Oversteer]

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