Ford Canada’s “Recycle Your Ride” Program Now Good for 2003 Model-Year and Older Vehicles

Ford Canada’s “Recycle Your Ride” Program Now Good for 2003 Model-Year and Older Vehicles

Ford Canada has decided to expand its “Recycle Your Ride” Incentive to include all 2003 model-year and older vehicles. Previously, the incentive had only applied to 1995 or older vehicles.

The offer changes depending on the vehicle being purchased  with $1,000 CAD being offered towards a car or compact truck, $2,000 toward a full-sized sedan or SUV and $3,000 towards a full sized truck or Lincoln model. Absent is any mention of Mercury, as Ford cut the Mercury brand from its lineup in Canada sever years ago.

The Recycle Your Ride program is in addition to a Federal Government program, that offers a laughable $300 or anyone who turns in a vehicle that is at least 15 years old.

Ford says that since the original Recycle Your Ride incentive began back in September, it has taken in 6,000 vehicles.

Reason for the changed to Ford Canada’s incentive program are likely due to the increased value of the Canadian dollar, as Ford (like all automakers in Canada) struggles to find ways to keep Canadians buying cars in Canada, rather than importing significantly cheaper vehicles from the U.S.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • dianna matthews

    If I recycle my ride (2003 Ford Taurus), to purhcase a 2010 Ford Fusion, would I get $2000 toward my purchase because the Fusion is a full sized sedan? Is there any limiatons on my Taurus for this program – it’s been insured for 3 years on my policy, no accidents.

  • paula merrigan

    on june 25 i sent all required papers , car still in my yard. would you please tell me the time frame. i called number and no one answer.

  • Valerie McCallum

    I sent my paperwork in on Aug 12/10 by courier to Ford Recycle Your Ride in Mississauga for a 1995 F150 Ford truck and am wondering how long it takes to process the paperwork and pick up the old truck from our residence. Also, when do we receive our $1000 cheque?
    thank you