From Brazil, With Love: the New Fiat Uno

From Brazil, With Love: the New Fiat Uno

We love (well, a few of us here love) superminis more than the latest and greatest supercars. Why? They’re honest, unpretentious, and the literal background of many countries across the globe. In South America, there is no typical  two-car garage — everything a family does is done in a small car, like the new Fiat Uno.

It’s slightly larger than the Panda yet smaller than the Punto. The interior is dead simple, with utilitarian controls, materials, and details — including a mesh “net” that fits over the passenger seat in order to carry more things when you’re alone in the vehicle.

Pictured above is the “Way” version, with more ground clearance and chunky looks — still front-drive, though! Engines are flex-fuel gasoline only (for the time being): 1-liter (73 horsepower on alcohol, 75 on gasoline) to 1.4-liter (88 horsepower on alcohol, 85 on gasoline.) Transmission? No fancy CVT or DSG here: the Uno gets a proper 5-speed manual.