G-Power Announces A Pair Of BMW M3 Clubsport Models

G-Power Announces A Pair Of BMW M3 Clubsport Models

Just in case a standard run-of-the-mill BMW E92 M3 wasn’t good enough for you, G-Power has announced a pair of BMW E92 M3 Clubsport Models available to the general public. And by general we mean those with plenty of expendable income.

Both vehicles have the same performance modifications, netting 600-hp and 430 ft-lbs of torque which is a significant increase from the factory 420-hp and 295 ft-lbs. The bulk of the power comes from G-Power’s SK II CS supercharger system. It’s quite obvious whenever you pair a V8 motor, especially one as efficiently built as BMW’s, with forced induction major power gains are on the horizon. Other modifications that both models share are lightweight wheels and Clubsport coilover system.

But the differences basically stop there. The GT2 S, which is clearly the more expensive of the two at a little over $170,000, is actually a turnkey racecar. G-Power’s GT2 S is BMW’s answer to Porsche’s GT3 RS. Giving it the race-inspired look and performance is a GT2-inspired carbon fiber body kit. The front seats are swapped out for lightweight carbon buckets and the rear seat is removed altogether, naturally.

If the GT2 S is just a little too rich for your blood (we can’t blame you), then the Tornado CS is a set of modifications available at the low, low price of $13,300. The price tag is actually not that bad considering you will receive the supercharger setup, new intakes, titanium exhaust, installation and tuning. On the outside a subtle trunk lip spoiler and rear diffuser are included. The same seats in the GT2 S are also available with the package, and it’s all up to you on whether or not you want that rear seat.

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[Source: CarScoop]