Gaza Resident Pays $38,000 To Have Hyundai Elantra Smuggled In

Gaza Resident Pays $38,000 To Have Hyundai Elantra Smuggled In

For all the scare-mongering you see on the evening news, the most interesting thing about my trip to the West Bank was seeing some Palestinian hoonage undertaken by a couple youths in a beat-up Toyota. It was nothing more than some peel-outs and a poor attempt at doing donuts, but it was cool to see that enthusiasm for cars exists even when hope for a better future is dim. For residents of the Gaza Strip however, obtaining a car is a massive undertaking in itself.

Blockaded by both Israel and Egypt (the Islamic fundamentalist group Hamas administers the territory, and is a common enemy of both countries), the basic necessities of life are hard to come by. This video, shot by the BBC, shows a bulldozer pulling a Hyundai Elantra into the Gaza strip through an underground tunnel – the only way it could be imported. With about 200 cars on the road, the Elantra should stand out. Interestingly enough, a similar car is only $7000 cheaper inside Israel, perhaps owing to the high taxes on vehicles in the country.

[Source: BBC News]


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