Gemballa Closes Doors After 30 Years of Madness

Gemballa Closes Doors After 30 Years of Madness



Well, we probably could have called this one. German super-tuner Gemballa finally closed up shop this week, ending a 30-year reign as one of Europe’s top tuners. Gemballa was known as one of the most outrageous tuners of Porsches and Ferrari’s, and with cars like the Mirage GT and Avalanche GTR800, have proven themselves absolutely bonkers when it comes to making fast cars faster. Their most recent project, the questionably-styled, Enzo-based Mig-U1, sought to show that the fastest of Ferrari’s was actually built in Germany.

Things went south for Gemballa quickly, the down economy in 2008 hurt Gemballa’s bottom line, and may have led to the strange disappearance of company founder Uwe Gemballa in Africa. The last known communication from Gemballa, he requested a transfer of a large sum of money, which pretty much says it all.


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