Half of MINI E Lessees Sign on for a Second Year

Half of MINI E Lessees Sign on for a Second Year

Roughly half of those who took part in the MINI E’s lease program in North American have opted to sign on for a second year. As the first electric MINI, the MINI E was built as a test platform for future electric car models from MINI and parent company BMW. MINI’s pilot project included leases of the MINI E in Europe as well as in Los Angeles and New York.

According to a report by InsideLine, of the 450 original lessees wanted to sign on again after MINI announced the pilot program would be extended for another year. Those early adapters will also benefit from a reduced lease price, dropping from the staggering $850 a month to a a slightly less ridiculous but still outrageously overpriced $600 per month.

BMW’s first electric car, the Megacity, is set to launch in 2013.

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