Home Made Supercars Taking The World By Storm

Home Made Supercars Taking The World By Storm

In what can only be described as some kind of bizarre, inter-connected cosmic wave, two home made supercars have surfaced on the web, paying homage to their respective brands but looking remarkably similar.

Our first pseudo-supercar comes from Armenia, where Henrik I. Matevossian has been working on his labor of love for 25 years! Matevossian did suspend construction of the car when the Soviet Union broke up, but resumed work in 2000. Matevossian’s creation has a real Maserati Biturbo V6 fed by a Weber carburetor, so it probably sounds much better than it looks. The engine bay pictures show some kind of unibody construction, unlike our next car, which is built to a much lower standard.

Ferrari may be China’s third largest market, but that wasn’t good enough for Chen Jinmiao, so he decided to acquire his own. Living in China, this was almost completely out of the question, so he did the next best thing; he built it himself.

You might not know it from the pictures, but Chen is actually an accomplish mechanic, and was able to build the car for a mere $3000 (a small fortune in China). Chen’s Lambo ain’t pretty, but it will do 60 mph (how long that takes wasn’t specified), and most importantly, it’s got those rad swing up doors like every true Lambo should*(*ahem* Gallardo*ahem*)

[Source: Oddity Central]