Honda Meet At Eibach Is The Pebble Beach For Import Tuning

Honda Meet At Eibach Is The Pebble Beach For Import Tuning

There’s not a single member of the Autoguide staff who does not admire the Honda’s of the company’s “Golden Age”. Spanning the period from 1983, when the CRX was released, to 2001, when the last Integra Type-R rolled off the line, subsequent Honda’s have been excellent cars, but have never quite lived up to the magic that their predecessors were able to wield over us.

Right around the turn of the last decade, Honda’s dominance in the import tuner market looked set to end as drifting, the new motorsports craze, seemed destined to take over. With their front-drive layout, the big H couldn’t compete in the rear-wheel-driven motorsport. But as drifting’s popularity grew, the popularity of Honda cars experienced a parallel renaissance that continues to this day.

Eibach Springs holds an annual Honda meet for afficionados of the brand, described as the “Concours D’Elegance” for Honda cars. While some scoff at the notion that Japanese cars will ever be historically important, there are now multiple generations that grew up with cars from the Land of the Rising Sun, living out their teenage and young adult years behind the wheel of Datsuns, rear-drive Toyotas and Civic hatchbacks. As the crowd gets older, the 1970’s  machinery is becoming increasingly collectible and the fan base is becoming more affluent. The Eibach show is a great way for those with high dollar Hondas to show off their babies to others admirers of the brand.

[Source: Speedhunters]


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