Honda Tries Novel Approach With CR-Z, Targeting Older Enthusiasts

Honda Tries Novel Approach With CR-Z, Targeting Older Enthusiasts

Car companies are eternally focused on capturing the all important “youth-market”, some even going as far as to create “youth brands”, like Toyota and their Scion line-up. Honda appears to be taking the opposite track with the launch of their new CR-Z hybrid sports car, hoping to take advantage of the demographic that was in their late teens to late 20’s between 1983 and 1991, when they CRX was, “the ultimate tuner vehicle”, said John Mendel, Honda’s Executive Vice-Preisdent for Automobile Sales. Mendel, who is 55 said that market research showed that the CR-Z was a hit with ” young people and guys my age, because it’s reminiscent of the CR-X.”

Honda’s discontinued products, such as previous generation Civics, Preludes Acura Integras and NSXs still command a huge following, even from consumers who weren’t born when the products were introduced. Honda is hoping to reach the younger generation of automotive enthusiasts through online media and social networking sites. Mendel said that Honda was also looking into sponsoring concerts that had multi-generational appeal.

[Source: Automotive News]


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