Hyundai and Chrysler Could Partner Up On Pickup Truck

Hyundai and Chrysler Could Partner Up On Pickup Truck
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Hyundai and Chrysler could partner together for a full-sized truck based off of the Ram, after Chrysler’s deal with Nissan fell apart. Sources say that Hyundai approached Chrysler as late as February regarding a potential tie-up. Hyundai’s lineup is experiencing a renaissance in North America, but the Korean automaker lacks a full-size pickup truck for the crucial North American market. Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne reportedly turned down the offer at that time, but is now re-considering due to excess capacity at truck plans. Both Toyota and Nissan have struggled to sell their own full-size pickups in recent years.

[Source: Left Lane News]

  • Eddie

    Actually, I read a statement by Hyundai where they say that they’re not interested in full-size pickups. Wise decision. Would have been even wiser though to focus their attention on compact and midsize pickups. There’s been barely any activity in the last several years. The newest addition is the Suzuki Equator, which is based on the Nissan Frontier. Fortunately Mahindra is bringing midsize diesel pickups this year.

  • Colum Wood

    You are correct. The latest reports: Hyundai Flat out rejects rumors of pickup trucks

  • Lonnie

    Fiat has nothing to offer in the compact, mid size, car, ie bread and butter, dodge should be talking to hyundia and dump the seabring, the calabur, jeep patriot, Dodge journey, rwd cars and trucks is abought the only thing dodge dose… half write …