Jersey City Cans Proposed U.S. Formula One GP Site at Liberty State Park

Jersey City Cans Proposed U.S. Formula One GP Site at Liberty State Park

News that Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ, directly across the Hudson River from downtown Manhattan, was being considered as a potential site for a 2012 U.S. GP emerged yesterday, but Jersey City mayor Jerramiah Healy announced today that the Formula 1 proposal was no longer being considered.

The story of a possible NYC GP emerged after documents obtained by opposition group ‘Friends of Liberty State Park’ showed plans for a 3.6-mile track within the 1200 acre park providing “the least impact to city functions.”

Jersey City mayor Healy issued a statement yesterday clarifying that the city was approached by F1 and that discussions were very much in the exploratory phase. Today Healy released the following statement, dashing any hopes of a US GP with NYC’s amazing skyline as a backdrop:

“After a review of the draft proposal prepared by the City’s Tourism Office, I have come to the conclusion that this type of event is not suited for Liberty State Park. While we work to attract national and international events to our city, we must ensure that they are appropriate and will have the least impact upon the quality of life of our residents and our community.”

It’s unclear how seriously F1’s Bernie Eccleston took the Jersey City proposal since he’s made no comment on it thus far, nor is it know if he has other credible candidates in the U.S. lined up. The imagery of Formula 1 against the backdrop of NYC would have been incredible, but it looks like we’ll have to settle for a little Gotham City racing on the Xbox instead.