Kia Soul Hamsters Return With Hip-Hop Themed Spot

Kia Soul Hamsters Return With Hip-Hop Themed Spot

Regular readers will recall a fondness for hip-hop music at the Autoguide offices.  We’ve previously covered the Houston “swangas” phenomenon, Seattle’s Volvo driving rapper and Atlanta’s dubbed-out Camaros. Now, Kia is showing the East Coast some love, with their new commercial featuring their familiar Hamsters, the Kia Soul, and Black Sheep’s seminal anthem The Choice Is Yours.

The video is shot with a gritty, New York-esque background, and if it weren’t for the cute and furry hamsters, it could actually be a pretty decent music video, with requisite scenes on the basketball court, cruising with the homeys, getting a line-up at the barbershop, and ritzy Park Avenue types staring with disapproving glances at the young hoodlum hamsters. Along the way, the Hamsters reference the song’s hook, by presenting various “boring” econo-car options (represented by a toaster, washing machine and cardboard box), or the neon green Kia Soul. Ostensibly, these options represent offerings from Toyota and Honda, but whoever dreamed up the ad forgot about the hamster’s true vehicle of choice, the Zhu Zhu pet car (which looks strangely like a British sports car).

Hit the jump for Kia’s newest Hamster ad.

[Souce: Autoblog]

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