Land Rover Plans Front-Drive Vehicles For Its Future

Land Rover Plans Front-Drive Vehicles For Its Future
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Land Rover is apparently working on a front drive SUV, as part of a push for smaller vehicles that produce fewer emissions. Autocar is reporting that the vehicle will be known as the Compact Range Rover, a smaller addition to the lineup that should emit significantly less CO2 than the current Range, without having to use hybrid technology.

The brand could see a trickle down effect, as the platform spawns a compact, front-drive Land Rover, as well as other similar Range Rovers that use an all-wheel drive system. Cars are taxed based on CO2 emissions in Europe, necessitating a lowering of emissions for Range Rover’s SUVs. The company has developed a 100-strong division dedicated to investigating hybrid and extended-range electric vehicle systems as the British automaker looks to stay relevant in the future market place. Land Rover offers a variety of well-regarded diesel engines in Europe, however they have yet to make their way to North America thus far.

The Compact Range Rover is rumored to surface at the Paris Auto Show this Fall.

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