Lexus CT200h Viral Marketing Involves Online Adventure Game

Lexus CT200h Viral Marketing Involves Online Adventure Game

It’s truly amazing what the Internet has enabled companies to do in terms of marketing their products. The advent of Adobe Flash technology and truly interactive experiences allows users to immerse themselves and forget that they’re actually being sold a product.

Lexus has taken one of these approaches with their new CT 200h viral marketing idea, which comes down as a choose your own adventure game. You assist Tony, the driver, in trying to keep the CT200h out of the criminal’s hands who wish to steal the hybrid technology. Why they just don’t go and buy their own, we’re not sure. But hey, the game is set in a nice thriller movie-like atmosphere and the overall production is impressive. It’s clear that Lexus spent quite a few dollars in producing it and hopefully it’ll be a success for them.

Check it out at the source if you have the time to spare, there’s no way to pause the experience. Be patient while it loads, like all Flash-based websites, it’s decent size. Now too bad Apple isn’t a Flash lover, Lexus is missing out on all the possible iPhone, iPad consumers that are environmentally-conscious.

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[Source: Lexus Dark Ride]