Lexus LFA and Nissan GT-R Go Head To Head In A Drag Race (Video Inside)

Lexus LFA and Nissan GT-R Go Head To Head In A Drag Race (Video Inside)

Imagine you are able to bring together some of humanity’s great minds for a dialogue, but you then end up having them give you their picks for who will win the World Series. Motor Trend‘s new video of a Lexus LFA drag racing a Nissan GTR is similarly anti-climactic and a little silly, but we can appreciate where Motor Trend is coming from.

Getting a press car comes with some obligations; including returning the car in the condition you found it, and in the case of very high end press cars like the Lexus LFA, a whole host of other rules accompany them. We understand that taking the $375,000 LFA on a road course might not be such a good idea, considering how there’s only one in the entire country, but the LFA and GT-R are two cars that are supposedly the pinnacle of performance driving, and a road course rather than a drag race would be the true test of what these two can do.

Regardless, the video is bound to cause a flurry of online shouting matches from various fanboy camps. In the mean time, us civilized folk should crank our speakers up to 11 an bask in the glorious V10 soundtrack, as its likely the closest that mere mortals will ever come to an LFA at full blast.

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[Source: Motor Trend via Youtube]

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