Lincoln MKT Press Car Gets Wheels Jacked in Detroit

Lincoln MKT Press Car Gets Wheels Jacked in Detroit

Without wheels. When somebody says that, it usually means they haven’t got a car. For yours truly last week, it meant literally that. A trip to Detroit in a brand new Lincoln MKT press loaner was the highlight of a rather miserable seven days.

Having left the MKT in the parking lot of a hotel in the Detroit suburb of Livonia (next to a Mustang GT I might add), I awoke the next morning to find it on cinder blocks, stripped of its shiny 20-inch wheels and tires. The cops were called and a report filed.

When Tim, from Great Lakes towing, showed up with his Chevy Kodiak and flatbed to take the car to the dealership for some new rims and rubber (arranged by Ford), he simply stated that, “this stuff happens all the time, I get around two calls a day on stripped cars. Some people will take anything, mirrors, headlights you name it,” he said. “Welcome to Detroit.”


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