Maybach Exelero Replica Now Available, Saves You Over $7 Million

Maybach Exelero Replica Now Available, Saves You Over $7 Million

In the world of luxury you just can’t put a price tag on exclusivity – or can you? The original Maybach Exelero was a high-speed test mule conjured up by the minds at Daimler by Fulda tires. And exclusive it was, with only one ever built, selling for nearly $8,000,000. That’s right, six zeroes.

But with everything that’s so exclusive, somewhere in the world there are individuals motivated enough to make a replica. Over on JamesList is a listing for just that: a Maybach Exelero replica that is apparently based on 2010 Dodge Viper. It sports the 8.3-liter V10 motor pushing out over 800-hp with 23-inch wheels.

Details pretty much stop there but apparently the Swiss company offers any style and colored interior along with any color exterior for whatever buyer may be interested. So if you’ve got $680,000 lying around, place an order and wait four months for it to come. That price tag may seem high, but it’s quite the savings over the $8,000,000 that the original one sold for. And hey, they even toss in free shipping.

[Source: JamesList]

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