Mercedes-Benz Conducting Market Research For B-Class Compact

Mercedes-Benz Conducting Market Research For B-Class Compact

Mercedes-Benz is conducting customer clinics to determine whether their B-Class compact car is suitable for sales in the U.S. market. The B-Class is currently sold in Canada, where its five-door quasi-hatchback bodystyle is extremely popular, but small cars have traditionally struggled in the United States.

If the B-Class does come to America, it won’t make it until the new B-Class is released in 2012. Mercedes is looking to determine whether the hatchback, or another configuration like a sedan, coupe or crossover is most appropriate. American Mercedes dealers have protested the B-Class’ inclusion into the lineup, saying the vehicle does not fit into the brand’s luxury image.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • waz

    It is a practical Mercedes. Ideal for mum doing school run. Instead of driving a huge SUV, this B-Class come in nicely into something less wasteful and more practical (and spacious) with a touch of class. The AUTOMATIC parking feature is what makes it a premium car.